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Meet the staff

  • Feb 08 / 2014
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Meet the staff

Ms Christina Norley Principal


There were two males and sixteen females. Fourteen of the teachers were regular classroom teachers and the others were specialist teachers who taught in one of the following areas.
Physical Education
Special Education
Music Education
In November of 2014, Miss Thecla Calderon replaced Miss Merlissa Isaac as Principals’ Assistant. Miss Isaac had joined the teaching staff of the school.

Staff Composition/ Deployment
Principal- Christina Norley (Administrator)
Kindergarten- Mrs. Geraldine Soudine
Mrs. Dinette Augustin
Grade One- Ms. Perpetula Clifford
Mrs. Marcia Pierre Louis

Grade Two- Mrs. Maudiana Flavius
Ms. Gordiana Mathurin
Grade Three- Ms. Merlissa Isaac
Mrs. Berthelina Avril
Grade Four- Mr. Sharvon Sydney
Mr. Jason Gabriel
Grade Five- Ms. Michel Edward
Ms. Kieran Prescott
Grade Six- Mrs. Bernice Mayers
Mrs. Cyrillia Charles

Specialist Teachers
Physical Education- Ms. Agath Alphonse
French/ Library- Ms. Merander Ellick – Dupre
Special Education- Ms. Natasha Winseslas
Music Education – Mrs. Deon Jongue – Hutchinson

Sixteen out of the eighteen teachers have received training in general Teacher Education. One of the untrained teachers holds a Bachelors’ degree in Management Studies. Currently the school has three teachers who possess an under-graduate degree with one teacher pursuing a masters / post graduate studies in Linguistics.

Ancillary and Support Staff
The ancillary staff comprised:
Cooks (School feeding programme)- Ms. Ann Oliver and Ms. Robertina Raymond
Watchmen: Mr.Tony Cherubin
Mr. Andrew Cherubin
Mr. George Allen
Mr. Practrick Benjamin

Caretaker: Mr. Stephen St. Rose
Janitors: Ms. Janice Emmanuel
Ms. Ann Wilson
Ms. Shermaine Sonny – Elibox

Administrative Staff

Ms. Thecla Calderon – Principal Assisstant
Mr. Shervon Antoine – Information Technology Officer